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Approved Majors

Undergraduate Majors
Degree Names Approved
College of Architecture and Planning
Architecture Studies BS 1956-1957
Multi-Disciplinary Design BS 1/25/13
Urban Ecology BA, BS (was Urban Planning) 5/17/13
David Eccles School of Business
Accounting BA, BS 1947-1948
*Combined BA/BS/MAcc in Accounting 3/13/18
Business Administration BA, BS 1992-1993
Entrepreneurship, BS  12/09/04
Finance BA, BS 1921-1922
Information Systems BA, BS 2002-2004
*Combined BS/MS in Information Systems 7/19/13
Management BA, BS 1947-1948
Marketing BA, BS 1947-1948
Operations and Supply Chain BS (formerly Operations Management) 4/01/10
Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations, BS 2/2017
College of Education
Elementary Education BA, BS 1914-1915
Special Education BS 1956-1957
College of Engineering
*Combined BS and MS in Engineering 4/14/03
Biomedical Engineering BS 1999-2000
Chemical Engineering BS 2009-2010
Civil Engineering BS 1904-1905
Computer Engineering BS 1992-1993
Computer Science BS 1976-1977
Construction Engineering, BS 8/8/16
Electrical Engineering BS 1904-1905
Games BS 8/2017
Materials Science and Engineering BS 1976-1977
Mechanical Engineering BS 1904-1905
College of Fine Arts
Art BFA 1904-1905
Art Composite Teaching BFA 1921-1922
Art History BA 1983-1984
Ballet BFA 1976-1977
Dance Teaching BFA 2004-2006
Film & Media Arts BA (formerly Film) 1992-1993
Modern Dance BFA 1976-1977
Music BA, B Mus 1921-1922
Music Composition Teaching B Mus 1921-1922
Theatre BA, BFA 1956-1957
Theatre Teaching BFA 2004-2006
College of Health
American Sign Language Teaching BA DISCONTINUED 5/18/12 2006-2008
Athletic Training BS 12/05/08
Exercise and Sport Science BS 2014-2015
Exercise and Sport Science Teaching BS 2004-2006
Health Promotion and Education BS 1956-1957
Health Promotion and Education Teaching BS 2004-2006
Kinesiology BS (formerly, Exercise & Sport Science)  
Kinesiology Teaching BS (formerly, Exercise & Sport Science Teaching)  
Occupational Therapy Studies BS DISCONTINUED 1/23/15 1999-2000
Parks, Recreation and Tourism BA, BS 1956-1957
Physical Therapy Studies, BS DISCONTINUED 8/12/08  
Recreational Therapy BA, BS 6/15/16
Speech and Hearing Science BA, BS 1976-1977
College of Humanities
Asian Studies BA 5/14/07
Chinese BA 1996-1997
Classics BA 1921-1922
Communication BA, BS 5/18/12
Communication Skills DISCONTINUED 2/07/07  
Communications Composite Teaching BA BS 1983-1984
Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies BA (formerly Comparative Literature) 9/15/06
English BA 1914-1915
English Teaching BA 1921-1922
French BA 1914-1915
French Teaching BA 1921-1922
German BA 1914-1915
German Teaching BA 1921-1922
History BA 1914-1915
History Teaching BA 1921-1922
International Studies BA, BS
Japanese BA 1996-1997
Latin American Studies BA 10/16/09
Linguistics BA 1921-1922
Mass Communication BA, BS DISCONTINUED 5/18/12 1956-1957
Middle East Studies BA 1983-1984
Peace and Conflict Studies BA, BS 3/30/12
Philosophy BA, BS 1914-1915
Religious Studies BA 7/13/12
Russian BA 1983-1984
Russian Teaching BA 1983-1984
Spanish BA 1928-1929
Spanish Teaching BA 1928-1929
Speech Communication BA, BS DISCONTINUED 5/18/12 1928-1929
Writing and Rhetoric Studies BA, BS 7/19/13
School of Medicine
Medical Laboratory Science BS 1999-2000
College of Mines and Earth Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences BS (formerly Meteorology) 1976-1977
Earth Science Composite Teaching BS 2004-2006
Geological Engineering BS 1914-1915
*Combined BS and MS in Geological Engineering 3/30/12
Geoscience BS 2008-2010
Metallurgical Engineering BS 1914-1915
Mining Engineering BS 1904-1905
*Combined BS and MS in Mining Engineering 3/30/12
College of Nursing
Nursing BS 1921-1922
*Combined BS and MS in Nursing 5/17/13
College of Science
Applied Mathematics BS 4/01/10
Biology BA, BS 1914-1915
*Combined BS/MS in Biology 3/6/17
Biology Composite Teaching BA, BS 2004-2004
Chemistry BA, BS 1914-1915
*Combined BS/MS in Chemistry 9/26/14
Chemistry Teaching BA, BS 1921-1922
Mathematics BA, BS 1914-1915
*Combined BA or BS and MS in Mathematics 11/10/03
Mathematics Teaching BA, BS 1921-1922
Medical Biology DISCONTINUED 9/13/07  
Physics BA, BS 1914-1915
Physics Teaching BA, BS 1921-1922
College of Social and Behavioral Science
Anthropology BA, BS 1921-1922
Consumer and Community Studies BA, BS 1921-1922
Criminology BA, BS 3/28/18
Economics BA, BS 1914-1915
*Combined Economics BA or BS and M.P.P. 1/18/08
Environmental and Sustainability Studies BA, BS (formerly Environmental Studies) 1992-1993
Ethnic Studies BA, BS 7/15/2011
Gender Studies BA, BS 2004-2006
Geographic Information Science, BS 5/17/2018
Geography BA, BS 1956-1957
*Combined Geography BS and MS in Geographic Information Science 1/13/15
Geography Teaching DISCONTINUED 2/16/11  
Human Development and Family Studies BA, BS 1956-1957
Political Science BA, BS 1921-1922
*Combined Political Science BA or BS and M.P.P. 1/18/08
Psychology BA, BS 1914-1915
Health, Society and Policy BA, BS (formerly Behavioral Science and Health) 1976-1977
Social Science Composite Teaching BA, BS (Discontinued 3/6/17) 2004-2006
Sociology BA, BS 1914-1915
College of Social Work
Social Work BSW 2004-2006
University Studies B.U.S.  
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