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* If you'd like a list of already used course numbers (past and current) please contact Curriculum Administration at 801/587-7843*

0001-0999 - Offered by Academic Outreach and Continuing Education

Lower Division Courses (Freshman - Sophomore)

1000-2799 Regular Courses

2800-2999 Seminars, Independent Study, etc. (In-Progress grading)

Upper Division Courses (Junior - Senior)

3000-3799 Regular Courses

3800-3999 Seminars, Independent Study, etc. (In-Progress grading)

4000-4799 Regular Courses

4800-4999 Seminars, Independent Study, etc. (In-Progress grading)

Upper Division and Graduate Courses

*Graduate credit permitted for department majors

5000-5799 Regular Courses

5800-5999 Seminars, Independent Study, etc. (In-Progress grading)

Graduate Courses

Students who have not been admitted to a graduate program must obtain special permission to enroll

6000 level (basic graduate)

1.   Regular courses in master's level programs.

2.   Regular courses in:

 (a)  mixed master's - doctoral level programs and

 (b)  doctoral level programs normally taken in the first two years of post bachelor's study

3.  Independent Study, Special Topics, Project Work, and Faculty Consultation at the master's level

4.  Thesis Research - master's level

6000-6799 Regular Courses

6800-6899 Graduate Seminars - master's level (In-progress grading)

6900-6960 Independent Study, Special Topics, etc. (In-Progress grading)

6970-6979 Thesis Research - master's level (In-progress grading)

6980-6989 Faculty Consultation - master's level (In-progress grading)

7000 level (advanced graduate)

1.  Regular courses in doctoral programs normally taken beyond the first two years of post bachelor's study

2.  Graduate seminars at the doctoral level

3.  Independent Study, Special Topics, and Faculty Consultations at the doctoral level

4.  Dissertation research at the doctoral level

7000-7799 Regular courses

7800-7899 Advanced graduate seminars (In-progress grading)

7900-7960 Independent study, special topics, etc. - doctoral level (In-progress grading)

7970-7979 Dissertation and/or project credit - doctoral level (In-progress grading)

7980-7989 Faculty consultation - doctoral level (In-progress grading)

7990  Continuing registration - doctoral level (In-progress grading)

Contact Curriculum

Lyndi Duff

(801) 587-7843

Amanda Babcock

(801) 585-5819

What is Curriculum Administration?

Curriculum Administration (C.A.) is responsible for the curriculum of the University, which is composed of the for-credit courses that the University offers and the officially recognized programs within which and for which those courses exist.  C.A. is responsible for maintaining the official texts that describe those programs and courses; this includes an inventory of current offerings as well as a comprehensive history of past ones.  We also manage the process by which these offerings change and how they are promulgated to internal and external audiences.

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