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The new electronic curriculum system is now available for entering course information. Program information will be available shortly. Click HERE for more information.

Course Fees will now be due at the same time as other curriculum changes (dates below). This will be effective beginning Spring 2018. We will always reduce or remove a fee after the deadlines.


  • January 20 - All Summer and Fall Curriculum changes (add, change, prerequisite, etc.). Next academic year catalog and programs of study (MDD, formerly DARS) changes must be entered into catalog.
  • February 1 - College Editors must have all changes approved in catalog.
  • August 25 - All Spring Curriculum changes (add, change, prerequisite, etc).
  • Course fees are due January 20 for Summer/Fall and August 25 for Spring
  • Program fees are due January 20 for the following academic year.
  • Proposals for Undergraduate or Graduate Council Meeting are due 10 business days before meeting.

Contact Curriculum

Lyndi Duff

(801) 587-7843

Amanda Babcock

(801) 585-5819

What is Curriculum Administration?

Curriculum Administration (C.A.) is responsible for the curriculum of the University, which is composed of the for-credit courses that the University offers and the officially recognized programs within which and for which those courses exist.  C.A. is responsible for maintaining the official texts that describe those programs and courses; this includes an inventory of current offerings as well as a comprehensive history of past ones.  We also manage the process by which these offerings change and how they are promulgated to internal and external audiences.

Last Updated: 6/13/18