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The University of Utah has a few different types of fees. Some of those are processed and approved through Curriculum Administration (CA). The following is a list and definitions of the different types:

  • Course fees - This fee is managed by CA, it is attached to every section of a course.
  • Class fee - This fee is approved through CA but administered by Income Accounting, it is attached to individual sections of a course and added by the department every semester (forms are only needed once unless changing the amount).
  • Program fees - These are approved directly by the members of the a committee with members around campus. It varies in amount and typically is applied to a student based on their level (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) in the program.
  • Differential tuition - This is applied separately by Income Accounting and contact their office for more information.


Each fee must submit a request to add, change, or remove a course fee through Kuali CM. Find more information at


Summer/Fall - January 20

Spring - August 25

Program Fees - January 20


Last Updated: 7/12/22