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Approved Certificates

Undergraduate Certificates
Certificate Name   Department  Approved
Arts Technology Fine Arts and Art & Art History 1/16/04
Ballet Studio Teaching Ballet 5/17/13
Book Arts Art & Art History 9/16/11
Business Scholars School of Business 6/2/16
Climate Change Geography 4/9/13
Criminology & Corrections Sociology  
Data Center Engineering Computing 10/8/13
Diversity Sociology 2/12/07
Engineering Entrepreneurship ECE 4/11/17
Entrepreneurship Management 9/10/13
Financial Planning Family Consumer Studies 1/24/17
Geographic Information Science Geography 1/11/96
Gerontology Nursing  
Hazards and Emergency Management Geography 1/24/14
Health Communication Communication 4/10/12
Human Factors Psychology 8/19/05
International Relations Political Science  
Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering 8/1/97
Music Technology Music 3/27/15
Applied Positive Psychology Educational Psychology 4/13/10
Public Administration Public Administration 9/28/81
Revitalization of Endangered Languages and Cultures (Discontinued 11/15/13) Linguistics 6/10/05
Social Justice Advocacy Social Work 11/11/14
Study of Japan History, Languages & Literature  4/27/90
Substance Use Disorder Treatment Training (formerly Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment) Social Work 4/21/06
Sustainability Undergraduate Studies 4/10/12
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Linguistics 11/16/79
Graduate Certificates
Certificate Name  Department Approved
Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Nursing 3/27/15
Adaptive Management of Environmental Systems (AMES) Interdisciplinary 12/9/02
Big Data School of Computing 3/28/14
Business Analytics Marketing & Operations & Information Systems 7/15/16
Business Law Law 9/15/16
Business Studies MBA - DESB 5/31/02
Care Management Nursing 5/17/13
Computational Bioimaging Interdisciplinary 4/14/03
Computational Engineering and Science Computer Science/Math 3/25/94
Criminal Law Law 9/15/16
Demography Public Policy/Administration 5/20/02
Disability Studies Interdisciplinary  8/20/07
Dispute Resolution Communication 1/25/91
Engineering Entrepreneurship ECE 3/31/17
Environmental and Natural Resources Law Law 3/08/99
Environmental Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering 10/14/02
Ethics and Public Affairs Political Science & Philosophy 5/31/02
Family Nurse Practitioner Nursing 3/27/15
Gender Studies Social & Behavioral Science 7/31/15
Genome Science Interdisciplinary  9/13/96
Geographic Information Science Geography 1/11/99
Gerontology Nursing 1/14/08
Global Health Family & Preventative Med 3/9/10
Global Medicine School of Medicine 6/2/16
Health Communication Communications 5/18/12
Historic Preservation Architecture & Planning 10/26/06
Hydrology and Water Resources Graduate School & Sustainability Office 2/2017
Informatics (formerly Biomedical Informatics) Biomedical Informatics & College of Nursing 12/11/09
Information Systems Accounting & Info Systems 12/10/01
International Business & Foreign Language Qualification Business 7/19/91
Intellectual Property Law 9/15/16
International Law Law 9/15/16
Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law 9/15/16
Management of Technology Interdisciplinary 12/10/01
Marketing Communication Communication 1/25/91
Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering 5/31/02
Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Training Program  
Nurse Midwifery Nursing 3/27/15
Nursing Education Nursing 3/27/15
Nursing Organizational Leadership Nursing 3/31/17
Occupational Safety and Health School of Medicine 7/19/13
Patient Centered Outcomes Research/Comparative Effectiveness Research School of Medicine 9/2012
Personalized Health Care Center of Clinical and Translational Science 1/25/13
Public Health Family and Preventive Medicine 3/30/12
Public History History 3/31/17
Public Interest Law and Policy Law 9/15/16
Real Estate Development   6/08/09
Revitalization of Endangered Languages & Cultures (Discontinued 11/15/13) Linguistics 6/10/05
Screen Dance   5/12/10
Sustainability Graduate School 9/26/14
Systems Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2/10/09
Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages (TESOL) Linguistics  
Urban Design Architecture & Planning 4/20/11
Urban Planning Architecture & Planning 3/18/05
Women's Health Nursing, Health & Social Work 12/8/08
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Nursing 3/27/15
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