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Approval Process & Forms

New Programs/Program Changes

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**Please note that Proposal Templates have changed recently so use the examples above for CONTENT only.

Items Submitted for Board of Regents Approval
Each proposal will go through an approval process that includes some variation of the College(s), Undergraduate and/or Graduate Council, Academic Senate, Board of Trustees, Board of Regents, and NWCCU.
Type Instructions
Bachelor Degree Click Here
Graduate Degree Click Here
Minor Click Here
Emphasis (Existing Degree) Click Here
Emphasis (New Degree) Click Here
Awarding Multiple Emphases (Already Existing) Click Here
Undergraduate Certificate (20-29 hours) Click Here
Graduate Certificate Click Here
Name Change of Existing Programs Click Here
Administrative Unit Creation or Change Click Here
Transfer, Restructure, or Consolidation of Program Click Here
Discontinuation or Suspension of Program Click Here
New Center, Institute, or Bureau Click Here
Third Year Review of New Degrees/Programs Click Here
Dual/Combined Degrees (Coming Soon)
Last Updated: 7/26/19