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Third-Year Review Instructions

Submit a Third-Year Review Proposal

Program Participation and Finance Table

The Program Participation and Finance table must be completed and attached to your proposal in the "Program Participation and Finance" field. This document was created by the Board of Regents and can be difficult to open. You will need to save the document to your computer and open it Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

 Download Program Participation and Finance Table 

For Revenue data:

  • Department/Program accountant will have access to this information from their financial statements for the last three years. If you have any questions, contact Sandy Hughes (

If you aren't able to open the Program Participation and Finance table or have any questions, contact

Approval Process

Proposals should be through the department and college approvals at least 10 business days prior to the Undergraduate or Graduate Council due dates.

  1. Department/Faculty Committee approval
  2. College Committee approval
  3. Undergraduate Council and/or Graduate Council approval
  4. Executive Committee/Academic Sentate approval
  5. Board of Trustees approval
  6. Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (SVP-AA) notification
  7. Commisioner of the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) notification

1-2 individuals will be asked to present proposals at the marked committee meetings.


The status of any proposal can be tracked after submission.

Check Status of Proposal

Submit a Third-Year Review Proposal

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Last Updated: 7/12/22