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Kuali Curriculum Management (CM)

Curriculum Management (CM) is used to electronically approve curriculum (courses, programs, fees, etc.) at the University of Utah. This new system includes many benefits:

  • Tracking proposals progress
  • Electronic signatures
  • Checking dependencies (what courses/degrees your changes will affect)
  • User-friendly
  • and more

Courses and Programs can now be added/changed using this electronic process. Find the link by going to CIS, Student Admin Services tab, Kuali Curriculum Management.






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What is Curriculum Administration?

Curriculum Administration manages the technologies for curriculum approvals and changes at the university.

  • Kuali Curriculum Management (CM)
  • Kuali Catalog
  • Kuali Build
  • State Authorization
Other processes include:
  • New Degree Approval
  • Course Fees
  • Program Fees
Last Updated: 9/6/22