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Majors Enrolled in Your Courses

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Servicing Course

Servicing courses are those offered in one area but are used for a program of study outside of the department housing the course.

Consider when inactivating or changing a course which departments may be using the course so departments are not caught unaware of changes. This may effect their student's program of study as they are working toward graduation. If there are many students in another program or department that use it, then that department should be contacted for notification.

To find out which majors are registering for your courses go to your Employee Tab in CIS. Select Class Majors from the Academics section. You will then select the term and then enter the class number or the subject code, catalog number, and section number. This information can be found on the Schedule. - opens new window - external link

If you have any other questions please contact Curriculum Administration.

Contact Curriculum

Lyndi Duff

(801) 587-7843

Amanda Babcock

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What is Curriculum Administration?

Curriculum Administration (C.A.) is responsible for the curriculum of the University, which is composed of the for-credit courses that the University offers and the officially recognized programs within which and for which those courses exist.  C.A. is responsible for maintaining the official texts that describe those programs and courses; this includes an inventory of current offerings as well as a comprehensive history of past ones.  We also manage the process by which these offerings change and how they are promulgated to internal and external audiences.

Last Updated: 6/13/18