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  • January 20 - All Summer and Fall Curriculum changes (add, change, prerequisite, etc.). Next academic year catalog and programs of study (MDD, formerly DARS) changes must be entered into catalog.
  • August 25 - All Spring Curriculum changes (add, change, prerequisite, etc).
  • Course fees are due January 20 for Summer/Fall and August 25 for Spring
  • Program fees are due January 20 for the following academic year.
  • Proposals for Undergraduate or Graduate Council Meeting are due 10 business days before meeting.

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What is Curriculum Administration?

Curriculum Administration manages the technologies for curriculum approvals and changes at the university.

  • Kuali Curriculum Management (CM)
  • Kuali Catalog
  • My Degree Dashboard (MDD)
Other processes include:
  • New Degree Approval
  • Course Fees
  • Program Fees
Last Updated: 11/28/18