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Third Year Review Template

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The New Programs Follow-up Report Template should be used for the third year review of new programs.

A Report Template consists of the following:

  • Cover/Signature Page - (see form below)
  • Report - (see form below)
    • For the "Actual" data for enrollment: Go to the OBIA website (maintained by the Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis) at Select the "Student Credit Hour (SCH)" Link; Select the academic year for which you wish information (e.g., 2013-2014); Select Table C-2 – Student Credit Hours (SCH) by College, Dept, Level, & Year from 2009 to 2014; Scroll down to "the college you are reporting on"; Find "the department you are reporting on"; The SCH for the courses are noted by level of instruction. *This information isn't collected for minors.

      You should have access to records for courses offered by level that correlate with the numbers shown (from your curriculum scheduling and/or class role sheets, if you need a headcount total that makes up the SCH information).  Unfortunately, there is not a report that contains headcount by College AND Department/Division.

      For the "Actual" revenues and expenses: Go the Peoplesoft management reports for the years you need information; Select the "Summary of Revenue and Expenses" report option; Select "Thermador" as the month (to collect all final numbers for year-end) The Revenue and Expense totals appear on the report. If you are reporting on a program rather than a department, your account staff may have that data isolated in their records. *This information isn't collected for minors.

      If none of these steps will work, then please contact Sandy Hughes at

Prepare the Three-Year Follow-Up Report PDF and send it as the editable form to It will be distributed as an information item to the Undergraduate or Graduate Council, as appropriate.


Third-Year Template

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