Third Year Review Template

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The New Programs Follow-up Report Template should be used for the third year review of new programs.

A Report Template consists of the following:

  • Cover/Signature Page - (see form below)
  • Report - (see form below)
    • For the "Actual" data for enrollment: Go to the OBIA website (maintained by the Office of Budget and Institutional Analysis) at Select the "Student Credit Hour (SCH)" Link; Select the academic year for which you wish information (e.g., 2013-2014); Select Table C-2 – Student Credit Hours (SCH) by College, Dept, Level, & Year from 2009 to 2014; Scroll down to "the college you are reporting on"; Find "the department you are reporting on"; The SCH for the courses are noted by level of instruction. *This information isn't collected for minors.

      You should have access to records for courses offered by level that correlate with the numbers shown (from your curriculum scheduling and/or class role sheets, if you need a headcount total that makes up the SCH information).  Unfortunately, there is not a report that contains headcount by College AND Department/Division.

      For the "Actual" revenues and expenses: Go the Peoplesoft management reports for the years you need information; Select the "Summary of Revenue and Expenses" report option; Select "Thermador" as the month (to collect all final numbers for year-end) The Revenue and Expense totals appear on the report. If you are reporting on a program rather than a department, your account staff may have that data isolated in their records. *This information isn't collected for minors.

      If none of these steps will work, then please contact Sandy Hughes at

Prepare the Three- (or Two-)Year Follow-Up Report as a Word document (no PDF formats). When descriptions of the content required for each section appear in italics, the descriptive italics are to be removed and replaced with the institutional content before the institution submits the proposal to OCHE.

 NOTE:  All other programs require a three-year follow-up report.

 E-mail the completed Abbreviated Template (including electronic signature) and it will be distributed to the Undergraduate or Graduate Council, as appropriate.

 The institution is responsible for maintaining a record of the submission as the OCHE Academic Affairs office is not responsible for storing electronic copies of submitted proposals.


Third-Year Template

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