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The Full Template should be used for the Undergraduate Certificate (30+ hours), Bachelor's Degree, and Graduate Degree.

Each proposal will need a letter(s) of support submitted at the deadline. One letter should be from the College Dean. New degrees should get a support letter from the library. Interdisciplinary programs should include letters of support from each participating area.

Proposals may be sent back for revisions if all needed areas are not included before it can be sent to the Undergraduate or Graduate Council.

1-2 individuals will be asked to present the proposal at the Undergraduate/Graduate Council and the Academic Senate.

A Full Template consists of the following:

  • Cover/Signature Page - (see link below): Complete the items requested at the top of the page, INCLUDING SELECTING a CIP Code. Check which type(s) of item(s) apply. For example, you may check a certain kind of certificate AND “fast tracked.”
  • Executive Summary - (see link below): The executive summary must not exceed two (2) pages.
  • Program Description - (see link below): Complete the sections requested, removing the descriptive italics and replacing them with the content of the proposal.
  • Faculty Consultation - Each proposal must include a description of the process by which faculty in the participating departments or programs were consulted in the preparation of the proposal. Please insert this information in Section 2, Program Description, Institutional Readiness.

  • 66% by 2020 - Include 1-3 sentences that describes how this proposal will help the University of Utah meet the Governor's call that 66% of Utahns will have a post secondary degree or certificate by 2020. Please insert under Market Demand section. Only needs to be included for minors and certificates. Click here for more description of 66% of 2020.

Prepare the Full Template Word document (no PDF formats). Begin each of the three sections (Cover/Signature Page, Executive Summary, and Program Description) at the top of a new page. When descriptions of the content required for each section appear in italics, the italics are to be removed before the institution submits the proposal to OCHE.

Submit the complete Full Template to curriculum@utah.edu and it will be distributed to the Undergraduate and/or Graduate Council, as appropriate.

The institution is responsible for maintaining a record of the submission as the OCHE Academic Affairs office is not responsible for storing electronic copies of submitted proposals.


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